A Challenge to Businesses …

Who Would Never Dream of Changing CPA's.

Assess Your CPA to Determine How Dedicated They Are to The Growth And Development of Your Business

Most of us have very limited knowledge about the field of accounting, let alone what makes up a competent CPA. Yet, most businesses have chosen their accountant based on a personal referral, lowest price of service, or the fact that they like their personality.

These are probably not the best selection criteria for such a critical role.

Your accountant should provide you with so much more than just bookkeeping, tax returns, and keeping you “safe” from the IRS. With their expertise they should help you grow and develop your business and help you achieve your financial goals and objectives.

For example, does your present CPA offer:

bulletA 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all services
bulletA free annual Business Health Financial Check-up™
bulletThe depth & skills to provide basic audit, tax, & bookkeeping services including financial & business systems consulting

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